The computer - does it create chaos or order in our lif

The computer - does it create chaos or order in our lif
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At the dawn of the new millennium, there is nothing that develops faster than technology. The most well known symbol of technology – the computer has conclusively proven that. The P.C. now stands as the ultimate establisher of orderliness or the essential tool for “Preventing Chaos.”
So far, there has never been anything as useful as this; no other invention has had such a profound impact on human life. The computer managed to change our daily routines completely, making them scheduled and precise; making them easy and flexible. The work of many individuals, like secretaries or clerks, now seems ruled and orderly, with plenty of time for tasks they previously rendered undoable.
Moreover, computers have influenced the work of almost anyone, regardless of the type of profession. Take any modern writer – no longer will they have to worry about their creative work “flying about” in the neighborhood coffee house. Alternatively, for business people to have a constant and reliable connection with their colleagues all over the Globe is no daunting task anymore, thanks to e-mail. Or else, think of all the documents, flyers and forms we all fill out, at some point or another – has it not become a “piece of cake” since the arrival of computers?
Furthermore, for the majority of users, the P.C. has set order in the personal life, too. As if from out of nowhere, our timetables became cleared, our spare time doubled. It still escapes to some busy moms and dads how the hectic day of yesterday turned into the well-planned “time with the kids” tomorrow. Even more astonishing, though, are the implications on our children – no longer will they be subjected to the dangers of the streets, as we now have the time to always be there for them.
Taken as a whole, I think the computer has indeed made our lives easier and more organized, and its integration into our schedules is as necessary as our morning meal or late-night supper. In short, the processor of all human activity is certainly here to stay.

The computer - does it create chaos or order in our lif