Есе по английски език - Sample Essays

Есе по английски език - Sample Essays
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Есе по английски език

Sample Essays


Violence has never been a way to teach or change someone. Yet a good many people use this method to impose discipline on their offspring. Others, who are just too busy working, simply put up with their kids’ misbehaviour.

When parents give birth to a child, it has been, in most cases, their own decision to have it; therefore, e it is their obligation to take care of it, to provide it with normal home, education and safe environment. According to psychologists, 80 percent of children who have either been brought up in a hostile environment, or have witnessed frequent abuse, grow up physically unstable and are twice as much pliant to negative influences or willing to commit crimes and even murders. Most of them, when they start a family, create the same atmosphere and use violence as a way of solving problems.

Still, some children are extremely mischievous – it seems as if nothing could scare them but the rod. If we come to think of it, nowadays people are much busier working and spend less time with their children. In order to make up for their absence, they allow their descendants to do what they please, they give them money to spend on computer games or junk food. But violence is all around us – especially promoted in computer games. It is the duty of the parents to teach their children to see right from wrong and not beat them, therefore it is all their fault how their children act.

To sum up – violence is an unfair attitude adopted by careless parents when they haven’t been able to stimulate the development of a real, worthy personality.

Забележка: въпреки добрите си аргументи и език, на есето му липсва конкретика – пример. Липсват му и 50-60 думи, които биха се запълнили с пример, да речем от личния опит на кандидата.

Есе по английски език - Sample Essays