Тест по английски език за 8. клас - изходно ниво I вариант

Тестът е подходящ за проверка на знанията на учениците, завършващи 8. клас, но също може да се ползва и като входно ниво за 9. клас. Включени са само въпросите с избираем отговор.

Информация и рейтинг

Дата: 2016-09-29 20:20:29
Предмет: Английски език
Предназначен за: Ученици от 8 клас
Въпроси: 20 въпр.

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Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

  1. Choose the correct answer.

    I am very proud of our daughter because she always … herself very well whenever we have guests.

  2. Mary always takes good care of her pocket money and never … any of it on useless things.

  3. “Be honest with me and tell me that you have a … for my younger sister.” “No, I don’t. You are wrong.”

  4. My parents won’t … me drive their car on my own as it has been only a month since I passed the driving test.

  5. The government was alarmed by the fact that a(n) … number of teenagers had opted out of college education.

  6. “If you want to buy this medicine, you need to have a … from your doctor.” “I will visit him tomorrow morning.”

  7. Jenny’s … back home was cancelled so she had to spend the night at the airport in Manchester.

  8. Although this inspector is very clever, he can’t use a computer and writes all his reports by … .

  9. Despite the fact that my elder brother and I have a(n) … not to wear each other’s clothes, last night he put on my new denim jacket.

  10. “Is it true that your … boss was not as good as the current one?” “Well, I don’t think so.”