PHP - тест за начинаещи III

Тест за PHP проверка на знанията ви по PHP за начинаещи.

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Дата: 2013-12-01 19:28:37
Предмет: Търговско право
Предназначен за: Студенти от 1 курс
Въпроси: 15 въпр.

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Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

  1. PHP is "Y2K" compliant. When might it have date problems?
  2. What's the best way to copy a file from within a piece of PHP?
  3. What does the strcspn function do?
  4. What could you do with the keyword "var"?
  5. You should use the mysql_drop_db() function
  6. How do you set a cookie up to persist for 1 day from the time you set it?
  7. Which of these could be used to maintain a variable from one form to the next?
  8. To configure PHP to send emails on a Windows server, you need to:
  9. The -q option on the PHP command line used to mean
  10. The add_new_country function ...