Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

  1. The function used to delete a file is
  2. PHP can be used to generate server side graphics on a web site
  3. The regular expression [a-z]{2,3}$ will only match
  4. Which PHP function lets you timestamp a file?
  5. If you want to break out of a while loop, what statement would you use?
  6. What colour cables should you use to connect a server running PHP to your network?
  7. Which of these statements is true?
  8. How would you add 1 to the variable $count?
  9. The last block of a switch statement should be labelled
  10. The latest verstion of PHP is 4.3.5

PHP - тест за начинаещи II

Тест за PHP проверка на знанията ви по PHP за начинаещи.

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