hy Do Some People Take Up Dangerous Sports?

hy Do Some People Take Up Dangerous Sports
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Why Do Some People Take Up Dangerous Sports?

Taking up dangerous sports not only makes us aware of our abilities but also goes beyond the limits of a normal sporting practice. Extreme sports make us strong, confident and level minded. This is perfectly summed up in the Nietzsche’s words “What does not kill me, makes me stronger”.
We may practice jumping, hang-gliding, mountain-biking, canoeing or even free-fall parachuting. It doesn’t matter which extreme sport we have chosen. What is important is that it strengthens our bodies in an extraordinary way which brings us amusement and takes us to the limits of our powers.
Besides, doing dangerous sports makes us full-blooded and complete personalities. We acquire not only physical but spiritual strength, too. Moreover, having a near death experience we become even more devoted to life. Practicing a hobby which is “not for the faint at heart” makes us feel special and increases our self-confidence. For example, an adventurous person who practices an extreme sport is always better-prepared for the difficulties he may come upon in ordinary life than the average person who is afraid of practicing, say, winter sports.
Furthermore, we feel less worried about our daily life. A person who has jumped from a thousand meter height, equipped only with a rope, couldn’t be scared of having a poor mark at school. It is proved that fighting our fears, we build stronger personalities.
In conclusion, taking up dangerous sports builds our bodies as much as our minds. It strengthens our will power and trains us to be steady and, fearless, and therefore optimistic. I’d rather practice a dangerous sport than doing boring indoor workouts.

hy Do Some People Take Up Dangerous Sports?